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ICO Resizer

About ICO Resizer: How To Resize Your Favicon For Free?

ICO Resizer

The ico resizer is a free online tool that will help you to resize your images to standard dimensions for .ico format (16x16 up to 256x256). You can either import an image from your device or from an external URL.

Today there are countless utilizations for photographs and pictures on the web. Sites need content pictures, individuals need Twitter profile pictures and Facebook profile pennants. Others need to make especially estimated photographs for different utilizations - the need is unending.

Why do we need an ICO Resizer?

To advance pictures for web use, you probably need to resize, harvest or change their record design type from the source picture for their last use. What's more, to upgrade your site for site speed, it is ideal to not resize enormous pictures on the fly yet to involve appropriately estimated pictures in any case, which are normally more modest.

There are some enormous, complex picture control devices accessible for such work. Yet, not every person can stand to purchase Photoshop or even sort out some way to do basic errands in its jumbled, confounding UI. Finding and figuring out how to utilize a major instrument's generator, Facebook profile picture editorial manager, Twitter picture size proofreader, or in any event, playing out a straightforward photograph crop is generally an activity in dissatisfaction.

What many people truly need is a straightforward picture editorial manager instrument for trimming and resizing photographs and designs. Web Showcasing Ninjas is satisfied to offer such an instrument for website admins, web-based media fans. In fact, it is for every person who needs a basic device for working with pictures for the web.

Note : Do not use .ico images for this tool, you can convert them to PNG using our ICO to PNG converter and then resize them with ICO Resizer.

About the ICO format

ICO file format is the file format managing icons on the Microsoft Windows operating system but this format is also widely used for favicons. Files in this format typically contain square format images: 16 × 16, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, 256 × 256 pixels.

How to use the ICO Resizer?

1. You can either import an image from your local device or use an external URL (use remote URL).

2. Hit the "Convert" button to resize your image.

3. You can download your resulting image.

Standard dimensions for icons

  • Facebook cover photo (850x315) 
  • Facebook icon (180x180) 
  • Twitter icon (400x400) 
  • Twitter header image (1500x500) 
  • Google+ icon (200x200) 
  • Google+ cover photo (1080x608) 
  • 100x100 (common forum/profile sized icon) 
  • 50x50 (common forum/profile sized icon) 
  • 48x48 (common icon size)
  • 32x32 (common icon size) 
  • 24x24 (common icon size) 
  • 16x16 (common icon size) 

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