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QR Code Decoder

About the QR Code Decoder Tool

The QR Code Decoder Tool is a free online tool that will make you decode your QR codes and read the text behind them. This tool will perform the reverse operation of the QR Code Generator. If you are looking for a free tool to decrypt qr code online, look no more, you've come to the right place.

To bring down the consumed limit, a useful picture preprocessing strategy was proposed for Speedy Reaction (QR) scanner tag acknowledgement. It could speed up acknowledgement by this decoder in order to insert this calculation into versatile terminals. Rather than utilizing the customary strategies, for example, edge identification and line recognition, the encoding normal for QR had been utilized, accordingly, the impact by foundation commotion and mathematical bending was limited. Additionally, it utilized arrangement examples to adaptively test the scanner tag as far as areas, which incredibly further developed the acknowledgement rate.

Reverse QR Code lookup technique

a QR code image is a square exhibit that comprises a few square modules. It involves an encoding area and a capacity district (incorporates locater designs, separator images, timing examples and arrangement designs). Work district will not be utilized for the encoding information. The encompassing locale of a QR code image is clear space. The locater designs (incorporates three examining designs) situated at three corners of the image mean to aid the simple area of its position, size and tendency. There is separator images width as a module between each examining design and the encoding district. Every one of them comprises light modules. The elements of timing designs are deciding the thickness and form of the QR Code image and giving the reference position which can choose directions of modules. 

The design elements of the QR code image should be sufficiently utilized in its decoder technique. 

It basically incorporates the following advances: 

  • Binarization; 
  • Acquire the inexact locale of QR code, and execute coarse situating for QR picture as indicated by the locater designs; 
  • Carry out precise situating as per the arrangement designs; 
  • Work out the point of the tendency to turn QR picture, and execute amendment handling;  
  • Get variant number and carry out self-versatile inspecting;  
  • Decipher in light of revised picture and information a standard 2D network.

How to use the QR Code Decoder Tool?

QR Code Decoder

1. You can either import the QR Code from your device or use an external URL.

2. Hit the "Decode" button to decode your QR code.

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